Prior to the most recent recession, to meet demand of more and more adults seeking to halt or reserve the effects of aging on their health and appearance, medical spas, or medspas, emerged in greater numbers.


The medspas that focus on physician-supervised and results-oriented procedures were not as significantly affected by the economy downturn. Medspas today offer a blend of cosmetic services such as minor plastic surgery procedures (e.g. microdermabrasion, Restylane®, Juvéderm®, Botox®, etc.) and more traditional spa services, such as massage, facials, skin care and nail care. An increasing number are offering physician-supervised weight loss programs, as well.


As a financial advisor for doctors, we can help evaluate which types of services are more profitable to the entity as a whole. We can also help you by providing benchmarking services for your practice, thereby aiding the operating efficiency of your practice. An efficient medspa translates to a profitable one.


We are here to help define your current and future practice needs to ensure your success. For a complimentary consultation on how to increase the financial success of your medspa practice, please provide the "Quick Contact" information on the sidebar, and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation. We serve the communities of Manhattan, New Hyde Park, Manhasset, Hauppauge, Syosset, New York, Garden City, Great Neck and nearby areas.