Managed care, reimbursement cuts and rising overhead continue to eat away at your profit margin, forcing you to work longer hours. The professionals at MDcpas, with your assistance, are available to define the more profitable areas of practice and the more rewarding areas of practice regarding pulmonary medicine.


Increasing your share of higher-profit pulmonary function testing (PFT) patients is one way to increase profitability.

Sleep medicine is a booming industry and you would be smart to add this profit center to your pulmonology practice. Does it make economic sense to open a sleep center or more sense to align with a sleep center or other sleep medicine professionals? As a financial advisor  for physicians, we can help you make that decision.


We are here to help define your current and future practice needs to ensure your success. For a complimentary consultation on how to increase the financial success of your pulmonary medicine practice, please provide the "Quick Contact" information on the sidebar, and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation. We serve the communities of Manhattan, New Hyde Park, Manhasset, Hauppauge, Syosset, New York, Garden City, Great Neck and nearby areas.