As a vascular surgeon, you are likely to work closely with interventional radiologists, multidisciplinary clinics, vascular nurses, wound management nurses, podiatrists, physiatrists, vascular physicians, endocrinologists and other medical professionals. Getting referrals is essential to your practice.


Use of advanced technology and equipment has been revolutionary in many aspects of vascular surgery, allowing minimally invasive surgeries. Finding methods to finance the latest equipment for your practice can sometimes be very time-consuming.

Another challange for vascular surgeons is coding and reimbursement. In today’s ever-changing policy world, it can be difficult to keep up with new regulations and policies. Seeking out cosmetic cash-pay elective procedures can help curb the hassle of time spent on reimbursement issues.


Many vascular surgeons consider opening their own practice. As a vascular surgeon, if you practice in a busy hospital, you are more likely to work extended hours and see mostly emergency cases. If you are looking for work-life balance, look into private practice and low-intensity procedures. As a financial advisor for doctors, we can help you make these decisions.


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