Mental health professionals are increasingly required to be flexible, providing effective services to a wide range of clients. Many work in a hospital or practice with a group of psychologists. One challenge many psychologists and professionals of social work face are referrals. Specialization can help when courting referrals.


Many practitioners want their private practices to have the flexibility to specialize in a certain group of patients. Cash flow is paramount to the freedom of specialization. It may be difficult for a start-up practice to have a steady income in the beginning, as a practitioner needs time to build up his/her patient list and reputation. We can help you start your own practice by analyzing start-up costs, reimbursement rates, expenses, profits and other financial needs. Many practitioners are unfamiliar with today‚Äôs rapidly growing technology. As a financial advisor for doctors, we can help you take advantage of new technology to improve your practice growth.


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