A pain management practice is a stable business because patients need the continuous services to improve the state of their conditions. However, one of the challenges to running a pain management practice today is to attract new patients and retain current patients.


As a financial advisor for docators, we can help your pain management practice by analyzing your needs, revenues and expenses, including start-up costs, break-even point, cash flow, etc., ensuring efficiency within the practice. We also provide an outsourced finance department to help you run your practice, minimizing overhead, with expertise in healthcare accounting services.


We are here to help define your current and future practice needs to ensure your success. For a complimentary consultation on how to increase the financial success of your pain management practice, please provide the "Quick Contact" information on the sidebar, and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation. We serve the communities of Manhattan, New Hyde Park, Manhasset, Hauppauge, Syosset, New York, Garden City, Great Neck and nearby areas.